Wellness Center

We strive to bring our community programs and services that will help them maintain or learn a healthy lifestyle.

Prevent T2 Class

The class focuses on ways to prevent type 2 diabetes and is geared for at risk individuals. This is a yearlong program with weekly classes the first months and tapering down to one class a month. You will learn healthy eating habits, fun ways to exercise, how to manage stress, relaxation techniques, and so much more within a small supportive group.

Smoking Cessation Classes

Freedom from Smoking program offered through American Lung Association begins January 2019. Are you ready to quit smoking? Hundreds of thousands are smokefree through the American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking program. Over the course of this seven week program, you will work with other people quitting smoking and a trained facilitator to set a quit date, build a quit plan, and work through your first few months smokefree. To sign up for the class or for more information, call 217-937-5284 or email us at events@warnerhospital.org.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Warner Hospital & Health Services offers a lung cancer screening program, to qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Family Medicine Patient
  • Age 50 or older
  • Have a 20-30 or more pack year history of smoking
  • Current smoker or have quit within the past 15 years
  • Have additional lung cancer risk factors


For more information, please speak with your healthcare provider. To schedule an appointment call 217-937-5284.

Recommended testing for overall wellness:

  • Blood Pressure – checked at least every 2 years
  • Cholesterol Checks
    • Women annually starting at age 45
    • Men every 5 years beginning at 35
    • If you smoke, have diabetes, heart disease risk factors, start having your checks at age 20
  • Colorectal Cancer Tests – Age 50
  • Diabetes Tests – Screen if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Mammograms – Women every 1 to 2 years starting at age 40
  • Osteoporosis Tests – Women at age 65
  • Pap Smears – Women every 1 to 3 years if you are sexually active or older than 21
  • Prostate Cancer Screening – Men talk with your provider
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease – Talk with your provider

Couch to 5K Program

The Hospital partners with the Clinton Community YMCA to offer a couch to 5K program in the spring to summer seasons for any individual wanting to get up and move their body. Program is free to all, free prizes are offered throughout the program, and free or discounted 5K’s to those who stick with the program. The Clinton Community YMCA has a 5K in August at Clinton Lake and the hospital has a 5K in September at Weldon Springs State Park.

Swifty Swine 5K

Warner Hospital & Health Services in partnership with Warner Hospital Foundation hold an annual 5K at Weldon Springs State Park. It is always the last weekend in September coinciding with Apple & Pork. The 3.1 mile trail can we walked or run through the scenic Weldon Springs State Park. At the finish line, you will be rewarded with a one of a kind, homemade finisher medal as well as delicious food to refuel your body, yogurt bar and bacon! Top runners/walkers in the age categories with receive a pig trophy. We finish the event with our Piglet Prance for those youngsters under 10.


If you have ideas for more wellness programs you would like to see in your community, please email us at events@warnerhospital.org.